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Passengers applaud as Russian pilot shares the message 'War in Ukraine is a crime' in viral video

  • Published on March 15, 2022

'I think the war in Ukraine is a crime. We should not continue this war, we must stop it immediately. Don't support this bloodshed,' said the pilot.

“I think each sensible citizens will agree with me and will do everything to make it stop.”, continued the commercial pilot in his speech to his passengers. The unidentified pilot spoke to the passengers after the plane landed in Antalya in Turkey. 

The pilot, who has not yet been named in the media, was flying for the Russian airline company Pobeda, a subsidiary of the Russian airline Aeroflot, which recently suspended all its flights to the EU after the European bloc placed a blanket ban on Russian-owned airlines entering its airspace.

The Russian pilot's anti-war message, given first in Russian and then in English, was well received was well received by the passengers on the plane.